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Dog Car Safety Tips to Keep Your Pet Safe While Riding

Are you planning to hit the road with your beloved pet this winter on vacation? If yes, then you already know that it is not easy to keep dogs safe in the car, even when they are great company for cruising. Keeping your dog safe while riding in a car also keeps him/her away from distracting you.

Of course, there are several dog car safety products available in the market but choosing the right one is indeed quite overwhelming. But not to worry, as, in this post, you will get some useful dog safety tips to keep him safe while riding.

Keep Your Pet Restrained

It is not safe at all for you as well as your if they are hopping around the car while driving. It is crucial to focus on driving, and the dog may distract you in case he gets scared or excited. The best way to keep your pet while traveling is to keep him in a carrier strapped with the seat and a seatbelt or any other anchor. It is important to make sure that the carrier is large enough to fit your dog, lie down and turn around.


You must have considered the list to start with a pet carrier to be followed with some fancy seat belts, but training plays an important role in ensuring your dog’s safety while riding in a car.

Distractions can be dangerous while driving; as discussed before also, a well-trained dog will ensure that there is no distraction, especially when you are focused on doing something important. This reduces the risk of accidents significantly.

Get him familiar with the car sound, horn, and engine and ask him to get in and out to develop a habit of doing so. All these help him to behave properly in the car, and this will ensure safety for everyone in the fleet.

Never Leave Him Unattended in the Car

When it is all about leaving dogs in cars, it is always better to be safe rather than feel sorry. Make sure not to leave your dog inside the car. The interiors in the car heat up so quickly, and even your quick stop-by at the food counter can pose a great threat. Whenever you get out of the car, allow your dog to enjoy some fresh air.

In your home also, you need to allow your dog to enjoy the fresh air. But again, install an underground dog fence to make sure that the dog does not go out of the boundary and fall into the trap of any potential threat.

Always Be Prepared

Be it a short ride or 12 hours long and tiring ride; it is important to be ready with all the necessary stuff like a collar or harness along with a leash. You must have an adequate amount of dog food and water and a food bowl and water bowl.

Make efforts to feed him so that he does not travel with an empty stomach. This will lead to motion sickness. You should also consider carrying other useful stuff like medication (in case your dog has any already existing ailment), crate or kennel, brushing and grooming kit, blanket or bed, etc.

Don’t Let Your Dog Put Face or Limbs Outside the Window

It’s a great sight watching your dog riding in a car with wind facing on the face – but it could be fatal at times. When you are in a moving car, and your dog takes his face or limbs outside the window, it can collide with any random object. The dog can even get some debris into the eyes or mouth to get curious to jump out of the moving car.

Take Short Breaks

It is crucial to take frequent breaks during the journey. Just like the way you need occasional breaks to stretch your leg or for the loo, your dog also needs the same. This will make your dog will fresh, and there will be less anxiety about sitting in one place for so long. You can offer them small meals during the breaks, treat and give them toys to chew. All these small deeds work as a great distraction for the dog in the car.

Following the tips discussed above will certainly help you ensure your pet’s safety while driving. You can also share your own experiences if you have any below in the comment section. This will help many other pet owners to look after their pets while driving.