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Best Tips for Electric Dog Fence Training

Great dog fences create great neighbors. This line is extracted from the famous poem written by Robert Frost entitled Mending Wall. Do think this thing is really applicable? Do you really need to create a wall just to create great neighbors? Such phrase may not explain the thing, but this one may do. If you own a dog that is fond of running out once you opened the door, digs the garden of your neighbor, chases the cat of your neighbor, you may need to put up a fence in your backyard, particularly an electric dog fence.

Electronic pet doors is nothing but an invisible fence. From the name itself, it consists of electric wires, which are buried beneath the ground covering the space to restrict the dog. A dog collar with a receiver is placed around the neck of the dog. This collar will automatically beep if the dog gets close to the wire giving a mild static shock whenever he tries to pass over the electric dog fence. This is extremely effective if you want to prevent your dog from escaping and keep him safe all the time.

Training Tips

If you want to own a dog, taking care of him becomes a significant part of your daily schedule. You probably don’t want to restrain your dog within the house the entire day. However, you will feel the consideration about his security whenever he runs and plays outside. This will probably land you in the situation which tempts you to decide about the installation of an invisible fence. But then, dog owners are usually unwilling and probably consider it vicious to let their dogs experience and feel shock. You must take note that proper training for the dog is very important to support the success of such tool. The entire training takes about 20 minutes each day and often takes about one month to successfully get the maximum benefits of the fence. You may consider and completely do this aspect if you really want to train your dog and allow him to be well-disciplined.

Aside from the process of training, you may also want to consider the following training tips in order to condition your pet to go back to the limit after hearing the warning sound and prevent him from being shocked.

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  • At the time you will begin the training, put bright colored flags within the limit that is created by the underground electric wires. This provides a visible hint to the pet in order to avoid the boundary without hearing a beep or feeling any shock.
  • Train the dog and allow him to follow your movements. Hold the leash of your dog and then come close the boundary. The moment that the electric dog fence collar for training produced beeping sounds, step back or run back to the limit and allow your pet to go and follow you. Tap the dog or perhaps provide him with his favorite piece of biscuit every time he did it right. Do this many times for a couple of days to teach the dog to run away whenever he hears the beep.
  • Once you have completed the secondary tip, get rid of the flags and observe if the dog halts when he hears the sound. If he doesn’t, you can return the flags back to its proper place and then repeat the procedure for another couple of days. After which, you can try to get rid of the flags once again. The majority of dogs follow the beeping sound within ten days of training.

Cost of Electric Dog Fence

Also there are different types of wireless dog fence installation that you can choose from. The price of electric dog fence will depend upon your chosen kind of installation. Self-installation may cost lesser, but it may produce some risks regarding faulty installation.

Cost of self-installation

There are available kits for electric dog fence within a price ranging from $100 up to $350. These may even come with the necessary manual about the guide for installation and free tips for dog training. A single kit can be used for a number of dogs within the concerned area. The extra dog collars may cost around $55 up to $130. The needed quantity of wire may not always be included in such kit, thus the additional cost for the wire is about $25 covering 500 feet. An average battery of the collar may last for approximately 3 months and may cost around $5 up to $15. If you are living in a particular area wherein thunderstorms are frequently occurring, it is advisable to purchase a lightning protector which costs around $40. Therefore, the total cost for self-installation may cost around $250 up to $500.

Cost of professional installation

You may choose to get a complete package that comes with a kit, additional wires, lightning protector and additional collars, which costs around $800 up to $2000. There are other packages that are complete with dog training provided by expert dog trainers and giving the owner some training tips needed for the electric dog fence. Other companies give customized dog collars that generate static shocks depending on the age, temperament and size of your dog, which makes them quite expensive.

Despite of the advantages that can be acquired with the use of an great pet fence system, disadvantages are also present. Thus, it is very vital to follow only the reliable training tips so that any unwanted harms will be avoided. You should remember that distractions will always be present, which are tempting enough to allow your dog to break the restriction rules. That is why to keep your dog unattended within this invisible barrier is certainly not a good thing. Giving the proper safety and care for your dog must be your first priority, thus daily checking on the batteries and consulting an expert about extra dog training tips is required. This way, you will be able to get the maximum benefits of a dog fence and keep your dog safe all the time.

Another suggestions would be a wireless dog fence installation. There is no need to install wire in the ground and the price can be cheaper.

Any good dog fence solution can be accompanied by a good quality dog door.